Will pays his respects at Goose Green

Representing Colchester, home to 16 Air Assault Brigade, it was so moving to visit the memorial to the members of the Parachute Regiment that sadly lost their lives at Goose Green liberating the Falkland Islands. ‬

Will gets ready for visit to the Falklands

So thoughtful of 2 Para of 16 Air Assault Brigade to present me a with a parachute smock with the Brigade emblem and battalion flash ahead of my visit to the Falklands with the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme next week. I will wear it with pride.

Celebrating women in Parliament

It is a privilege to work alongside so many talented and dedicated women Conservative Members of Parliament and of course Prime Minister. Fantastic role models for my two daughters.


Parental Bereavement Leave Bill passes Committee Stage

Absolutely fantastic news that the Parental Bereavement Leave Bill today passed Committee Stage and is now heading back to the House of Commons for Report Stage - importantly now amended to include parents of stillborn babies.

What are your thoughts around homework?

This was controversial when launched, several parents raised it with me at the time and I corresponded with the Headteacher. Parents still appear unhappy, what are your thoughts around homework?

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